Audio Visual, Interactive Training and Electronic Testing Solutions

Test & Measurement

Test and support of engineering and scientific equipment.

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Educational Labs

Supply and implementation of educational technical training products.

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Audio Visual & Interactive AV

Design and implementation of Interactive teaching technology

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Welcome to IMEX

Electronic Test & Measurement Solutions, Educational Labs and Audio Visual & Interactive AV

Imex was founded in 1970 as an Electronic Test and Measurement company supplying solutions into multi-national companies, Colleges and Universities. In the late 90s Imex branched into Audio Visual and Interactive training solutions opening doors to Education in Ireland as well as training and meeting rooms.

Imex is Ireland’s leading Electronic Test and Measurement solution provider, representing manufacturers Tektronix, Keithley, Pico second pulse lab, PICO Tech, Thurlby Thandar (TTI) and more.

Imex provide Universities, Colleges and Schools with training ranges from Feedback Instruments (now LD Didactic Group), Mechatronics, Einstruction, Vivitek, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Sanako and more recently our own range of Imex LED Multi-touch Interactive screens. Our mission is to provide Multi-national companies to educators with an unparalleled service, including impartial advice, supply of hardware, setup, commissioning and continual support of all equipment.

Since the revolution of the IPad in Ireland, the Imex Audio Visual sector has grown aggressively in Schools. An overwhelming demand for our knowledge on implementing Interactive whiteboard systems and the new Imex Multi-touch LED screens has seen the company become Industry leader in supply, installation, training and support of Interactive whiteboards and LED Multi-touch screens.

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